Delacavoverre vous souhaite une très belle et bonne année 2023.


With our 3 different tools the winemakers’ wines presentation pages, our tasting notes tracking tool (the Vinothèque) and cellar online management tool, we can offer to all wine lovers a complete product that will help them:

  • To get valuable information before consuming or buying
  • To learn about wine, and discover new estates and wines
  • To always be able to remember a tasting or a wine
  • To keep an eye on their stored wines
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De la Cav O Verre free


For all wine lovers, with or without a wine cellar at home.
Create and keep track all your tastings: at home, with friends, in restaurants or other places.
List and follow up wines you store or like.
Access to information on the wines you keep track of as well as various practical tools to keep track of your collection.


  • Creation of a monitoring sheet per wine (cellar book)
  • Search by wine, as per information given by its winemaker
  • Colour coded follow-up to view the situation of your wines in cellar (To keep, to drink, at risk)
  • Predictive modeling of wines to buy to develop your cellar according to your consumption preferences
  • Video tutorials and tips on how to make the best use of our website
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DELACAVOVERREPremiumFrom €2.33 per month

De la Cav O Verre premium


Manage your cellar like a pro.
The art of keeping (don’t lose any bottles to time)
The art of serving: Wine-food pairing, keeping track of former guests’ préférences.
The art of create good times (always have wines ready to taste in your cellar)


  • Get access to enhanced features of the free version tools
  • Enjoy various statistics on your cellar management
  • Use our forecast tool to know when to drink your wines
  • When to drink his wines?
  • Detect future shortage in order to optimize your future purchases according to your consumption preferences
  • Get menu ideas to match a pairing with a wine in your cellar
  • Enjoy extra food and wine pairing tips
  • Get prior access to our new services to come
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De La Cav O Verre App


Who better than the winemakers themselves to talk about their wines?
Find personalized descriptions from our winemaker members of their wines.


  • Search information about a wine
  • Create and review your lists of wines tasted or stocked
  • Add or remove wines from your cellar
  • Add wines to your Vinothèque
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